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Your heart can take you places your mind is sometimes unwilling to go.  Remember what you do for others leaves a lasting impression.

Excerpt from Good Morning, it’s Dawn ©2008 by Dawn Courtney Mason


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John 21: 3-11 (AMP)
Antidote for Failure
Even experts in their fields have bad days.  I read a quote recently and I am paraphrasing “If you are working towards a goal and you are not achieving it, do not change the goal just change your method of pursuit.”  In John 21: 3-11, Peter and some of the other disciples decided to go fishing.  Now, Peter was an expert fisherman because that was what he did for a living.  On this particular day, he and the others were having a bit of a slump and were not catching any fish.  Then Jesus came on the scene.  In verse 5, He said to them, “Boys (children), you do not have any meat (fish) do you?  [Have you caught anything to eat along with your bread?]  They answered Him, No!”  With that said, in the next verse, Jesus said to them, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat and you will find [some].  So they cast the net, and now they were not able to haul it in for such a big catch (mass, quantity) of fish [was in it].”
Here is your Antidote for Failure:
Step 1: Change Focus – Do not change the goal, just the method.  You got to be flexible in your approach especially if the approach you are using is not working for you.  Peter and the other disciples were willing to change how they were fishing.  They cast the net to the other side as Jesus had told them to do.
Step 2: Cooperate – Be willing to listen to wise counsel and work along with others to achieve your goal.  Peter listened.  Although he was an expert, he was not too proud to receive wise counsel and Peter worked along with the other disciples.
Step 3: See the Results – Wait to see your Success!  Peter and the other disciples were successful.  Success may not come instantaneously, but it will come. 

Do not worry about the method, it is all about the destination.

*DayBreak is written from notes taken from the sermons preached at the Healing Center Church by Pastor D. M. Mason.
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